Daniel Gies & Emily Paige

Daniel spent three years at the Banff Centre as the Film & Television Post Production & Editor Work Study, and later, one year as the Animation Work Study. He is also an independent learner, and developed his digital puppeteering and illustration skills with the aid of online tutorials, forums, and workshops. His creative process explores the balance between fast-evolving digital tools and meticulous hand-crafted content. Aesthetics and movement are of his prime concern.

Daniel has developed many techniques that take advantage of the latest digital tools. His extensive knowledge of Adobe software packages, specialized plug ins, and computer programming, is shared through online tutorials available on Digital Tutors, AE Tuts+, the Adobe Forums, and on his personal Vimeo page. In 2012, Daniel co-founded e.d.Films, a full service animation and film production studio.

For over ten years, Emily has been involved in the fields of art, digital media, museums, and education. She holds an Honours BA from St Jerome’s University at the University of Waterloo and is currently completing a Masters in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia University. She has studied at the Université Lumière ll France and the Amsterdam School of the Arts.

Having lived and worked throughout Canada, in Europe (France, UK), and Africa (Burkina Faso, South Africa), Emily has demonstrated intercultural adaptabilities, resourcefulness, and bases all her work on strong communication skills.

In 2012, Emily founded e.d.Films with Daniel Gies. Their first collaboration was at the Banff Centre, where Emily was Coordinator of the New Media Institute. Together, their knowledge of digital and information intelligence, visual art, and communication form a unique package. Their film projects are imbued with social and cultural sensibility.